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Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4 1/8th Scale Off Road Racing Buggy

KYO33001B Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4 1/8th Scale Off Road Racing Buggy
KYO33001B Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4 1/8th Scale Off Road Racing Buggy

Required for operation

2-channel, 2-servo R/C System for cars
21-class Engine
Engine starting tools
Batteries for R/C system and tires
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Product Code: KYO33001B

Description Technical Specs

Inferno MP9TKI4 Parts Inferno MP9TKI4 Setup Sheets Inferno MP9 TKI4 Manuals

The Inferno MP9 TKI4 is made entirely in Japan.

Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI2 ROAR 2010 Champion Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI2 ROAR 2010 Champion

Stronger than ever,
The world’s performance benchmark has now been set.

With eyes on the ultimate prize of its 9th IFMAR World Championship title to be contested in the USA in October 2016, Inferno developer Yuichi Kanai has evolved the Inferno MP9 through 4 years of trial and error to produce the TKI4 model. Built for faster speed than the former TKI3, the new TKI4 features revised front/rear suspension for improved cornering stability and sharp control characteristics. A newly designed body and rear wing produces superior aerodynamics for high-performance cornering and traction. Improved driving performance goes hand-in-hand with enhanced maintenance and improved durability that can be relied upon during the critical stages of the race. Chassis structure and parts come together with precision and efficiency so the TKI4 can be recommended for serious buggy racers as well as those wanting to take the challenge of driving the ultimate 1/8 GP buggy.

New Features and Improvements:

  • New MP9 TKI4 Body ShellNot only does it look slicker than ever it also improves aerodynamics for the car and new Wing combination. It features a longer cab, with a longer, flatter roof to produce more laminar airflow across the roof and on to the rear wing. The cab is narrower, with a more vertical windshield and positioned further forward. Downforce features on the side pods of the TKI4 body have also been moved forward. These changes produce more front downforce, and improved handling.
  • New Steering Knuckles - This is the set and includes the right and left sides as well as the bearing inserts. The Inferno MP9 TKI4 steering knuckles are re-designed to improve the Ackerman angle using shorter steering arms. The improvement is felt through increased corner speed. The Ackerman angle remains more consistent and correct through the range of steering for more control and consistency. This also reduces slip angle especially near the end of the range increasing grip. The TKI4 now has the best steering geometry ever on an Inferno!
  • New Front Arms - The Inferno MP9 TKI4 front arms have been improved in a few ways. First they have been strengthened for more durability and less flex. Geometry has also changed to improve handling by adding more length (2mm) to bring the width of the front very close to the maximum allowed in the 1/8 class buggy racing organizations. This improves cornering and stability. Also the MP9 used to need different drive shaft lengths front and rear so you needed different length spares with you. Now you will only need to bring 93mm shafts, KYOIFW425, to races with you.
  • Front Hinge Pin Mount – the rearward front hinge pin mount was changed to improve suspension geometry. The new higher rear pin height lessens the arm angle and improves the buggies ability to fight front end diving under braking hard into corner entry. This adds more consistency to traction as the buggy enters the corner under braking and transitions to on-power corner exit. Improved drivability and consistency under racing conditions is therefore added.
  • New Steering Ackerman Plate – Adding to the redesigned steering package of the MP9 TKI4 the Ackerman plate needed some geometry changes. The changes help to improve cornering speed by reducing skid angle and improving consistency of the Ackerman through the suspension travel range as well as steering range. Cornering is more predictable and more grip is available over the TKI3.
  • New Steering Tie Rods – to improve the steering geometry and maximize the width of the MP9 the longer arms required to tie rods to be longer than the old versions. So the tie rods were strengthened. Also just to be sure Yuichi Kanai (the Inferno’s design engineer) created bigger and stronger ball ends to deal with the increased stress. The new ball ends also have much more force to hold the balls from popping out in a crash.
  • Stronger Longer Rear Arms – The rear arms have not just been made stronger with added material and gusseting in the right areas, especially around the inner hinge pin but great attention and testing has been done to leave the correct amount of flex to allow for easy shock setup. Most companies just make strong and ridged arms, but this is not the correct approach to supple and refined handling. Many years of experience from Kyosho and Yuichi Kanai have proven this approach is much more effective.
  • New Stronger Hinge Pins – with the increased strength of the new MP9 TKI4 lower suspension arms the pins also needed some re-thinking. The correct balance of metallurgy was required to create the best balance between hard (brittle with the tendency to break) and soft (with the tendency to bend). Kyosho’s 30+ years of racing experience and Yuichi Kanai’s testing and tenacity to get it right come into play here!
  • New Rear Hub Carriers – To add to the available roll center settings on the TKI4 eccentric inserts were designed into the new hubs. The upper suspension arm can also mount on 2 rows of adjustments. Also the inserts also have adjustments of 1mm now. This gives double the available setting to 4 now instead of just 2.
  • New Shock Mounting Pins - The new pins are indexed all the way around for ease of use and lightened over the old versions. Also the head is machined for lower unsprung weight.
  • New Wing Design – The new wing is lighter, more like the Lexan wings that are getting popular due to the reduced weight. However the Lexan wings are fragile so it was decided to design a new wing to offer both reduced weight and more durability combined with more downforce. The design is now multi-element, 2 extra vertical planes as well as an additional adjustment, 2 different sized mountable wickerbills to reduce or increase downforce. Also more color options including Kyosho Red!N
  • New Wing Mount – The new wing mount is lower to improve crash protection as well as work with the new airflow from the TKI4 body. The mount also has wider wing supports to offset the thinner construction of the new wing for durability.
  • Included 1.5mm x 5 Hole Shock Pistons - Team testing has proven that these pistons are one of the optimal choices for overall performance. They work in a wide range of track conditions as they offer a bit less pack and are a bit more linear over the 8 hole designs. Very good on tracks with high bump density and many small crevices. This is the case when there is degradation of the surface over a long day of racing on most tracks. If you haven’t added these to your arsenal you need to!
  • Fuel Filter Mount – Improved fuel filter mount has more clamping strength and a improved position to help fuel line routing and interference from the air filter and linkages. It has a pin that holds it from turning. Also the parts tree also comes with more fuel line clips.
  • Improved Air Filter Holder – Thicker and more sturdy than the older version to reduce flexing and distortion that could cause dirt to get past the filter and get into your engine. Also the holder was strengthened and improved to hold the filter system more securely.
  • Shock Pre-Load Adjusters – The adjusters have been anodized in black to add indexing markings to aid in quick and accurate adjustments in the pit or on the fly.
  • Radio Box Improvements – More area was added to the radio box opening to help make it easier to install the receiver and servo wires that seems to get thicker and more bulky with every new generation of high speed and torque servos!
  • New Dish Wheels – TKI4 dish wheels have been re-designed to be lighter as well as improving fit for the latest tires. Also designed into them is a rougher gluing surface to improve mounting reliability. And if you noticed the Red color is back!
  • Included HD Servo Saver – Now standard due to the incredible improvement of servo strength over the last couple of years. Even though it adds material and weight it is worth the compromise in this area as steering precision and feel is greatly improved with the combination of a super strong servo saver and powerful servos.
  • Standard Vented Clutch Bell – The Kyosho clutch bells have always been known for their superior quality and durability, in fact it’s legendary. Now they are vented to reduce wright and add improve cooling.
  • 93mm Drive Shafts front and Rear – now with the changes in suspension geometry the 93mm drive shafts fit on all 4 corners. This lowers the number of spares you must bring with you to a race. They now fit perfect and there is no guesswork involved in what shafts you need.
  • Shock Boots – many of the team drivers have reverted back to the older shock boot design that are smooth instead of accordion style that came with all the other MP9s. They have proven to be more durable. Keeping the dirt out of your shocks is critical for their prolonged performance.

Kyosho MP9 TKI4 Details
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5 of 5 The Best 8th Scale March 5, 2017
Reviewer: Eddie from Ohio  
I have been running this car since it came out and Ive never had so much success! My lap times dropped and I found myself spending way less time searching for a good setup. What a great car!

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