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MP9 Setup Notes and News:
We travel regularly around the internet findng out information about the MP9 because just like you we race these things! I figured we could just put a running list of interesting and pertanent info that we come across in one place.
Standard Silicone oils in TDC diffs?

Pierre Ronnefalk

We haven't tried the red one because we got the recommendation to try

7000 instead and David loves it so i haven't tried to change.

After we put in the TCD in may it was only at European championship B

we changed to 10000 in the front on that grass track.

One good thing are that silicon oil in TCD don't smell as the red one :-)



Lower Shock Tower and Medium  Shocks?:


Pierre Ronnefalk

Its the same with the low tower.. he always using it. Today we made

some tests on the track hosting the Swedish Nationals next weekend and

switched between the short or long rear tower and he likes the low

tower better as the car is more stable.


Ernest Seow
After some tuning with the TKI kit, I decided to install the lower 
tower and shocks and found it was the exact lengths we had the TKI 
parts set to droop wise. We left it on since this helps to lower the 
CG weight on the rear of the car since they are shorter. Also using 
MP777 WC foams under the bladders keeps the shocks consistent for a 
long time. You have to bleed them properly though, as they can build 
up a lot of rebound when pushed all the way in and possibly blow out 
the lower seals and clips. Once done right, they work consistently.