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Kyosho Ultima SCR teaser logo
New Kyosho Ultima SCR Racing truck coming to a track near you!

On sale at Infernosonly.com in July 2010 - Pre Order Now!

Kyosho Ultima SCR

With all the great wins lately from the team drivers from Kyosho there has been an overwhelming desire for racers to get the Ultima SC RTR kits and upgrade them with all the great racing parts from the Ultima Competition kit lineup. We haven't been able to keep any of this stuff in stock!!! Parts like the Velvet coat shocks and Universal Drive Shafts are flying off the shelves like, well, Ultima SC's over jumps!
Kyosho is known for making the best RC racing components in the industry for years and the young and excited Short coarse truck racing community is really getting know about that fast lately! Even Associated and Traxxas drivers switching to the Kyosho Velvet shocks for the performance advantages.

Soooo..... Kyosho has decided to release the ULTIMA SCR Competition Racing KIT!
This kit will be released in July (look for a Pre-order in the next week or so) and will include all kinds of race equipment from the championship Ultima and Lazer kits. Great awesome things like the Velvet Coated shocks, full CVD Universal drive shafts, Japanese Teflon bearings and even a ball differential! (There is more, but thats secret for now).

We can't wait to build our from scratch, and I am sure you guys can't wait ether!!!

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Kyosho Kyosho MP9e Evo HD Rear C-Universal Shaft Length=144mm
Kyosho Special Order - Usually Ships in 1 to 3 Weeks
List Price (US Dollars): $32.99
Our Price (US Dollars): $25.99
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KYOIF515 Kyosho MP9e Evo HD Rear C-Universal Shaft Length=144mm
KYOIF515 Kyosho MP9e Evo HD Rear C-Universal Shaft Length=144mm