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Most engines last for over 5 to 10 gallons of fuel if properly cared for. Some of the main things to note are:
  1. Proper air filter that is cleaned between runs, or replaced with a fresh one.
  2. Good quality air filter oil
  3. Hi quality Filter element (remember if any dirt gets into the motor it will be destroyed)
  4. Hi quality fuel (30% race fuel usually is the best) I would suggest Werks, ODonald or Byrons, do not use backyard basher type fuels as the quality of oil is poor
  5. Make sure when removing the glow plug to clean the area around it perfectly so that there is no possibility of dirt getting in (hold the motor upside down when changing the plug)
  6. Run out the fuel when finished running as the fuel is hydroscopic and will cause rust by attracting moisture inside the motor.
  7. Put after run oil or mineral oil in the motor when finished running for the day.
  8. Always run at part throttle during warm up and keep motor temps in control, most engines operate best between 210F and 260F. User a good quality temp gun to check your temps.
  9. Make sure the bottom needle is set rich enough that the motor loads up after idling for 10-15 seconds and stalls after about 25. If the bottom is too lean it will be inconsistent to drive and your temps will be all over the place.
  10. Every gallon or 2 of fuel or so tear down the engine and clean it out with break cleaner. Inspect it for any wear. Replace anything that is damaged and figure out why it may have happened.
  11. While you have the engine apart, check the bearings for any roughness. If they are rough they are shot!!! Replace them right away, if you donít there will be metal shavings inside the motor in no time from the bearing self destructing.
  12. Always put after run oil on the freshly cleaned parts and during assembly to avoid rust.
  13. Make sure the crank pin and rod bearing are not sloppy. There should be no visible play at all between them.
  14. Like anything else keep it clean, how well you care for these things makes all the difference in the world!