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Convert the Kyosho DRX WRC Nitro Rally Car to Brushless

Kyosho DRX

We all want to run these rally cars now. The whole "rally game" thing is really catching on. The scale appeal is very luring. But up until now there was only one way to go if you wanted to go electric, the Tamya 1/10th platform. This is kind of small and not very forgiving or even scale looking on large outdoor courses. Well, not any more! You can now run the much more robust and scale looking Kyosho DRX "D" series platform as a brushless conversion! Not only can this chassis handle way more power, it is larger, more stable and scale looking than the 1/10th scale counterparts.

DRX Brushless

Here is what you are going to need to do.
  1. Get a Kyosho DRX Readyset, there will be more bodiy styles in the future.
  2. Purchase a great Brushless combo such as the Mamba Max Pro 5700 system
  3. Get a small range of pinion gears, the DBX VE and DMT VE gears are what is needed.
  4. Purchase these parts for the actual conversion that come from the DMT VE Monster truck:
Needed for the Servo to be on the correct side:
Kyosho DBX VE Servo Saver Set

Chassis Plate is exact fit:
Kyosho Main Chassis for DMT VE
Engine Mount:
Kyosho Motor Mount for DMT VE
Battery Holder:
Kyosho Battery Holder and Tray Set for DMT VE
Radio Box:
Kyosho DBX VE Radio Box Set
The reason this is all possible with just some bolt on parts is Kyosho decided to use the exact same dimensions for the DMT Monster truck's cassis plate as the Kyosho DRX WRC cars. This allow us to use the parts to make the conversion!
So rally car fans, go out there and go brushless 1/9 th scale 4wd and have even more fun!