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The Inferno GT and GT2 are incredible Nitro RTR cars, however one of the weaknesses of racing them comes down to the stock 2 shoe clutch system. There are limited adjustment options available for this system as well performance is week. Upgrading to the Kyosho 3-Shoe racing clutch is a must for most of us who are serious about racing this car!

Here is the list of parts for converting the GT to a 3 shoe clutch and 5x10x4 bearings:


1.0 Med. Springs -


Colet and Washers (Good to have) Last forever, but only use on a new clutch bell, an old one will burn them up fast!!!


Aluminum Shoes Soft Hard Engagement


Aluminum Shoes Hard A bit softer engagement


Carbon Shoes (Recommended) -




Clutch Nut -


Clutch Bell 10x4x5 bearing style Remove the old pinion gears by unthreading them from the bell, they are reverse thread, I believe.


Clutch side gear 1 (21 Tooth) These are the ones used on the GT2 (GT1 is 17 tooth)


Clutch side gear 2 (15 Tooth) These are the ones used on the GT2 (GT1 is 14 tooth)


Clutch Bearings to convert to standard bearing vs. needle bearing


Shim Set for Clutch Get to have to set the correct lash


Crankshaft Collar Required


3x15mm Screw for Clutch Required needed to retain the clutch bell


Newer Longer Lasting Gears Use this in conjunction with the GT2 Pinion gears. This will give you a better overall gear ratio in most cases.


If you get the 2-shoe 2-speed you will not need the clutch bell, pinion gears or Gear set.


Inferno GT 3 Shoe Clutch Conversion