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Kyosho Inferno MP9 Spy Photos - Click here to order your Kyosho Inferno MP9 Now!

We found some interesting photos of the Kyosho Inferno MP9 on Neo-Buggy.net today and thought we would show you.

You can see the outline of the radio box on the side view of the car revving on the stater box.
It seems clear that the box is much lower profile. It may even use a flat pack battery configuration.
It also seems that there is 2 openings like the old box, very nice

Kyosho Inferno MP9 Body Off Spy Shot 1
Kyosho Inferno MP9 Spy Photo Enhanced
What else is very evident in these new pictures is how forward the engine really is in the chassis, wow! Just look how low everything is in the chassis.
You can also see the profile of the new side guards and how well they wrap around the chassis.
Everything in the front of the car has also been squeezed forward much tighter.
The rear chassis brace looks really heavy duty and beefy.

Kyosho Inferno MP9 Body Off Spy Shot 2
Kyosho Inferno MP9 Spy Photo 2 Enhanced
There is not much new about the second photo,. The wing stay hight is very visible.