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The Best Truggy in History Is Now Better!

Kyosho has made it official now, the Inferno ST-RR EVO details have been released! (well most of the details)

The Inferno ST-RR EVO Parts Listing is now here so you can see all the details of all the parts!

The Inferno ST-RR EVO is available to order here. There are more details on this page as well.

The Kyosho ST-RR EVO is an assembled and unpainted kit rolling chassis, so these pictures just represent what yours can look like once completed!
 Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Chassis from the FrontKyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Chassis from the Rear 

Some History First
Ok let's examine what's going on here! With all the time since the last ST-RR version, about 3 years ago... there has been an evolution happening with the team driver's kits. With Cody King, Jared Tebo and others taking items from the MP9 buggy and adopting them to the truggy as well as trying some new things, Kyosho finally decided to update the truggy to this new level its being raced at in a new kit!

The ST-RR has been the trend setter all along in the truggy scene, much like the 1/8th buggy scene. The last version of the truggy, the ST-RR set new standards by using a lengthened wheelbase and wider track.than every other truggy. It has been almost unbeatable ever since. Remember also that the Inferno ST-R was the very first officially created truggy kit on the market for competition racing and it was designed by Yuuichi Kanai, of coarse!

 Kyosho Inferno ST-R Truggy - The Origional Truggy!
The Kyosho Inferno ST-R
 The Kyosho Inferno ST-RR
The Kyosho Inferno ST-RR

Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Front Body ON Small
The Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO
Looks like Cody King's Truggy!
(Click for a bigger image)

Well then, here we are! The new EVO! (Short of coarse for EVOLUTION) and that is exactly what this truck is, an evolution. Through great care, racing and winning, just like the big car manufactures, Kyosho has again developed the ultimate competition racing Truggy on the market!

What's New on the Inferno ST-RR EVO?
Well at first glimpse there does not seem to be all that much, but upon further inspection... a lot!

  1. NEW BODY - The most obvious is the completely new re-designed body.This new body is a low-profile cab forward design and narrows down in the rear. Most air flow to the engine as well as more down force are the result of the new shape. It also looks very, very cool! This body has been in use for the last few months by some of the Kyosho team drivers.Overall it has improved steering and handling on the truck! I must say, I can't wait to get my paint scheme on this thing, and I am sure you are thinking the same thing!
  2. RING and PINION GEARS - Ok, this is a big one! Kyosho has designed completely new ring and pinion gears for the ST-RR EVO that replace the older spiral cut gears! After much debate it has been decided that the straight cut gears are stronger and easier to shim than the spiral cuts!
  3. Revised Bulkheads - Re-formulated and harder materials have been used in the new bulkheads to improve reliability and stability for the mesh of the ring and pinion gears to add even mopre reliability to the differentials.
  4. Revised Front and Rear Suspension Arms - New rear arms that include a mounting position for the new mud guards as well as new revised material for the front arms improve stregth and reliability.
  5. WING STAY Mounts - The wing stay has been changed to mount the MP9's wings. No more body clips to hold the wing on!
  6. WING - The EVO kit now includes the Inferno MP9 wing. This wing has more down force than the old wing with more surface area and a new shape. Also it mounts with aluminum washers and screws to the new wing stay for more durability.
  7. ANODIZING - The ST-RR EVO now has the same anodizing as the MP9! It looks much nicer next to its buggy sister with the new color scheme. This seems like a small deal untill you see them together! All the older blue parts are now all re-done in the Gun metal color!
  8. HEX SCREWS - Just like it's sibling the MP9, all the screws in the kit are Hex machine screws (finally)! This has been a treed for Kyosho's race kits that used to come with many Phillips screws and many of the plastic fasteners were self threading. Most of us prefer this over the old Phillips screws!
  9. OUTER HINGE PINS - The ST-RR EVO now included outer hinge pins that are tapered and have locking nylon nuts on them. The older hinge pins had e-clips and some of us have had trouble with them falling off during an event if not maintained correctly! This all but eliminated this problem!
  10. BIG BORE SHOCKS with ADJUST COLLARS - Finally the newer MP9 style threaded shock bodies are now available for the ST-RR! The longest shock bodies are included with the ST-RR so now you can use threaded shocks on your ST-RR and your MP9.
  11. NEW THROTTLE LINKAGE - The ST-RR EVO included the MP( style throttle and brake linkage set. No more fumbling around for the right servo horn for the job! The EVO has the MP9 linkage and it is perfect for the job!
  12. NEW AIR FILTER - Again, borrowed from the MP9 buggy, the new air filter system is lower profile for a lower CG as well a a more efficient design.
  13. ENGINE MOUNT - The ST-RR EVO has a new lower profile engine mount. This gives the truggy a lower overall CG by lowering the weight of the engine in the chassis by approximately  2mm.
  14. FLY WHEEL - The new engine mount also works hand in hand with the new smaller diameter fly wheel. This flywheel is lighter and also improves the lower CG of the truggy. The lower rotating mass of the flywheel also assists in more throttle response in the drive train.
  15. BRAKES - now the ST-RR EVO has vented disks for the brakes, like the MP9 for improved consistency in long mains. You will need these as with the new EVO you will be getting in more long mains!!!
  16. MUG GUARDS - Mud guards are now a standard feature on the ST-RR EVO and they help protect the rear shocks from mud and flying debris, improving the reliability of the shock as well as deflecting some of the hot exhaust gas from the left rear shock preventing thinning of the oil..

More Pictures!
 Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Front Chassis New Anodizing! Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Front Drive Shaft and Brace
 Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO New Engine Mount Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Throttle and Brake Linkage
 Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO Rear Drive Shaft Kyosho Inferno ST-RR EVO New Ring and Pinion Gears

Available sometime in September 2011 !!!!!!
Can't wait to get on the list to Pre-Order one of these now? Order the ST-RR EVO Here