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Convert your Lazer ZX-5 to an SP - without the conversion kit:

Well, here is a list of parts that should be complete as far as major components. You may need some spacers for the kit setup but you will probably have them in your parts anyway if you've been racing the Lazer.

You could omit the shock parts but the shock shafts and the cartridges are different. I think its best just to get a complete set of front and rears and be done with it so I put them on the bottom separate.
  1. Kyosho Front or Rear Stabilizer/Sway Bar 1.2mm
  2. Kyosho Special Blue Aluminum Front Suspension Holder
  3. Kyosho Dark Yellow Front Shock Spring Short #60
  4. Kyosho Dark Yellow Rear Shock Spring Long #60
  5. Kyosho Lower Shock Cartidge Set Triple Cap Shocks x2
  6. Kyosho Front Shock Shaft 42mm
  7. Kyosho Rear Shock Shaft 50mm
  8. Kyosho Rear Hub Type C
  9. Kyosho Rear Axel Aluminum Spacers
  10. Kyosho Knuckle and Hub Carriers
  11. Kyosho Lower Suspension Arm Set x2
  12. Kyosho Steering King Pin (ZX-5 SP)
  13. Kyosho Front Universal Swing Shafts - CVDs - 73mm
  14. Kyosho Rear Universal Swing Shafts - CVDs - 60.5mm
  15. Kyosho Cast Aluminum Motor Mount (ZX-5 SP)
  16. Kyosho Blue Aluminum Shock Caps (ZX-5 SP) x2 (I think)
  17. Kyosho Velvet Coat Triple Cap Shock Plastic Parts Set (ZX-5 SP) x2 (I think you need these)
  18. Kyosho White Front Wheel 56mm 4WD Special Offset (ZX-5 SP) (Necessary!)

Body and Wing:

Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 SP Blast Wing
Kyosho Balkan Body (ZX-5 SP)

Complete Shocks (I think it makes more sense to just get these as the upgrade is well woth it. They feel much smoother and are probably the best 10th scale shocks on the planet!!!

Kyosho Velvet Coat Triple Cap Shock Set Front - 30mm
Kyosho Velvet Coat Triple Cap Shock Set Rear - 42mm

I've wanted to make that list for a while! Just confirmed what I thought all along, that the conversion kit was a great deal! I hope you guys find this helpful!

Oh and by the way if you are loking for an FS conversion:
Lazer ZX-5 FS Conversion Set
Lazer ZX-5 FS Kit

Please let me know if you find any missing or incorrect information from the list above. Email me at [email protected]
Lazer ZX-5 to SP Conversion Parts List