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Kyosho Solves the Inferno GT 2-Speed Durability problem for good!

Many of us Inferno GT2 owners have complained about the 2-speed transmission having durability problems. This has only gotten worse with the advent of the newest hi-output nitro racing motors. Most of the problem has revolved around the second gear clutch wearing out so it won't shift anymore.
The solutions up till now have been numerous, such as using certain OFNA gears or changing out the bushings for bearings and upgrading to a 3 shoe racing clutch all of which, have been frustrating and less than perfect.
The latest solution has been to adopt the Kyosho Evolva's 2-speed to the Inferno GT. So far a good solution, but very expensive and for the average Inferno GT owner way to complicated!
Kyosho has come to the rescue! The new KYOIGW008 2-Speed Shoe type transmission will solve all these issues. Built on the same foundation as the Evolva 2 speed (using a 2-shoe clutch design), but to fit perfectly in the GT and GT2 Infernos!
Not only does this new design alow for much greater durability, but also provides an amazing improvement in acceleration! The new system will come with a first gear of 15T/46T and second gear 19T/43T resulting in a higher top speed.
Also available will be the components sold separately for spares as follows:
KYOIGW008 Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-Shoe 2-Speed Racing Transmission Set
KYOIGW008-01 Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-Speed Shaft Set for the 2-Shoe Transmission
KYOIGW008-02 Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-Speed Gear Set for the 2-Shoe Transmission
KYOIGW008-03 Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-Speed Clutch Drum for 2-Shoe Transmission
KYOIGW008-04 Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-Speed Shoe Set

KYOIGW008 Inferno GT2 2-Speed Racing Transmission 2-Shoe Type
KYOIGW008 Inferno GT2 2-Speed Gear Set 2-Shoe Type

KYOIGW008 Inferno GT2 2-Speed 2-Shoe Set