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Shock and Diff. Fluid Mixing

You have probably noticed that some of the factory setups posted here have differential and shock oil viscosities that you can't buy from the site here or from manufacturers. Well here is a tool we found to do the calculation for mixing oils to arrive accurately at a target viscosity.

The final results are given in a percentage so you will need a way to measure and calculate the amounts of oil to use.

The best way to physically measure the oils is using a syringe.

For example if you are making a Kyosho oil mix (don't mix brands for doing this) and want a full bottle of the mixed oil, then you can calculate the mixture like this example:

Open the calculator tool and enter a target viscosity is 22,000 cps

You have 20,000 cps oil and 30,000 cps oil.

You will notice after you enter the values into the calculator that you need a mix of 24% of the 30,000 and 76% of the 20,000.

One bottle of oil contains 40cc. So 24% of 40cc is (40x0.24)=9.6 or 9.6cc of 30,000 cps oil.

76% of 40cc is (40x0.76)=30.4 or 30.4cc of 20,000 cps oil.

Of course you could use WT or CTS units as well in the calculator as it only is giving you a ratio as a result.

Here is the Viscosity mixing calculator.